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Does just thinking about HR seem overwhelming?

Are you an HR Department of One struggling to keep up with your companies HR needs?

Not really sure what you might be missing?

Want help building your teams leadership skills?

Are you struggling with employee retention?

Do you want to learn ways to improve your company culture?

Just wish you had someone to call when you have a question?

We are HR compliance and training specialists.


A little about me

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Big Dog HR_edited.jpg

The name of the company says it all.  I'm an HR nerd that loves dogs.

I have noticed a reoccurring theme with all of the companies I have worked with. 

Most of them could do the basics of getting a person in the door and paying them but

weren't doing much more after that.

They weren't sure where to start or exactly what they needed.

I work with business to develop Handbooks and HR policies and procedures based on the size of your business.  I assess what you have and build on that to get you to the next level.

Want to level up your staff. We also provide group training as well as one on one coaching services.


  • Society of Human Resources Certified Professional

  • HRCI Professional of Human Resources

  • Certified Life Coach


A Few of my Clients

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"Marty and Big Dog HR are first rate.  We get all the benefits of having "In House" HR without the expense. The biggest of those benefits is that we are now confident that we are in compliance with our policies and procedures. "



"Masterpiece Design Build has had the pleasure of working with Marty Pearson and Big Dog HR for the past year, and we wholeheartedly recommend their services. Marty is very accessible and attentive to our HR needs in general, and as needs arise. She even goes the extra mile by coming to company staff meetings if asked! Marty's expertise in the construction industry and her dedication to compliance have been invaluable to our company. We are grateful for her contributions and confidently endorse Big Dog HR's services to other seeking reliable HR solutions."

L. Bowers

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