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What is Big Dog HR?

We are HR compliance specialists for small businesses.

Let us be your dedicated HR Professional so you can get back to running your business.

How does it work?

We meet with you to learn about your business and employees. We see what your current HR practices are. Don't worry we don't judge; we are here to help. We figure out what needs to happen to make sure you are compliant with state and federal regulations. Once we identify the gaps, we design a customized plan to bring your business up to speed. We solve pressing issues first then add from there.


Do I really need HR?

Do you have full time, part time or contract employees? If so, then you need HR policies to protect your business. We design programs that are customized to the number of employees you have now, but can grow as you grow.


What do you do?

We can create or update any handbooks or policies you currently have. For items you don't have, we develop any necessary handbooks, policies or procedures for compliance, onboarding, terminations, job descriptions, performance management, harassment training, checklists, and more. 

We are on call to help you navigate any tough situations. Need to fire or discipline someone?  We are here to coach you through the process. Want someone on site a few hours a week, we can do that too.  We become your on-call HR professional.

We also provide onsite training classes and one on one coaching.


What does it cost?

We are priced based on the service you need.  We offer personalized service and packages to suit every business.

It is billed as a monthly service starting as low as $775 a month.

Let's Work Together

Call or fill in the contact form and let's see how

Big Dog HR can help your business.

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