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 As a small business you are too small to have a full time HR Professional, so HR tasks are often

delegated to a receptionist or office manager.  They most likely have no background in

managing employees and minimal, if any, knowledge of HR matters.

You can’t manage staff, resolve issues, and run your business at the same time.

This is where Big Dog HR steps in.

Less than 50% of small business owners are confident
in how they handle HR matters. 

How We Work

We realize no two business are the same.

We offer a variety of options.

Let's chat to find the right one for your business.

HR Manager

Best for companies that have a good handle on their HR processes and procedures and just want the security of knowing that there is support just a phone call away.

What's Included
  • Full HR Process & Procedure Review.

  • Onboarding & New Hire Process Review.

  • Review & Revision of Employee Handbook.

  • Up to 5 hours per month of phone support.

  • Unlimited email & text.

$375 per month 

HR director

Best for companies that have more frequent questions or want or need more HR support. Good for growing companies that want to take their HR to the next level.

What's Included
  • Everything in HR Manager package plus

  • Job Description & Employee Performance Eval. Review 

  • Up to 2 hours a month on site to provide HR training, employee or business coaching.

$775 per month 


Best for companies that want to have a HR person on site but not ready to hire one full time.

What's Included

These are all inclusive packages. Price is based on services and the number of hours on site. 

A La carte

Just need a little help on a

few things?

We offer project based services

as well.

All Things HR
  • Employee Handbook evaluation and revision.

  • Keirsey Temperament Assessment.

  • HR Process Reviews 

  • Training Classes

All packages include monthly newsletters, safety tips, checklist and more.

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