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What We Offer




It all starts with an Employee Handbook.  We can update your existing handbook or create one from scratch. Handbook outline benefits, policies, and standards of conduct so your employee know what to expect.


Group Training

We offer a wide variety of group training classes. Theses can be done at your location or at our office.


Personality Assessment

We can administer the Keirsey Assessment to your management team or your entire staff.


On Site Time

Some of our clients like to have us on site for a few hours a week so we are available for their team in person.  We offer packages based on the amount of time onsite.


One on One Coaching

Whether it's help with taking your life or business to the next level, or just support with getting out of your head, I am here to be your guide.  I offer 3, 6, and 12- month packages.


Everything Else

We keep you up to date on HR issues with a monthly newsletter. We are your on-call HR professional.

A Few of my Clients

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Marty and Big Dog HR are first rate.  We get all the benefits of having "In House" HR without the expense. The biggest of those benefits is that we are now confident that we are in compliance with our policies and procedures. 


Todd Miller

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