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It's Donut Friday Again! 🍩

What is your idea of a wellness program?

Does your wellness program look like this:

• Donuts on Friday 🍩

• Lunch for the employees once or twice a year

• An EAP program that no one uses

• The occasional gift card for a monthly contest

Or does your employee wellness program look like this:

• Clear boundaries between work and personal time

• Verbal expressions of value and appreciation by senior management

• Vacation time being celebrated – do you know what people are doing on their time off

• Wellness benefit that pays the employee for doing something good for their health – (yoga class, round of golf, gym membership) 🏌🏽‍♂️🧘🏼🏋🏽‍♀️

• Employee development opportunities. Are you helping your employees learn and grow?

While there is nothing wrong with donut Friday or monthly wellness contests. Employee wellness encompasses so much more.

Employees want to feel appreciated and valued. They want time to spend with family and friends and to do the things they enjoy. Their wellness includes learning new skills that will help them at work and in life.

Employee wellness isn’t something to leave to the HR department to “organize” it requires management buy in. Employee wellness must be a part of the company culture and felt throughout the employee experience.

Employee Wellness Programs
It's Donut Friday Again!

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