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The Power of Dogs

Are your employees stressed? 

Are they reaching the point of burnout? 

Out of new ideas on ways to increase employee morale.

Tired of the same old rewards?

How about a new idea?

Fun Dog Wall Art!

We can use the dog wall art as a bonus, a reward or

as part of a fun employee contest. 

Did you know....

Looking at images of dogs can help alleviate symptoms of

depression and PTSD.

Research also shows that dogs evoke positive emotions than can make us feel happier, be more trusting, and more social.

The scientific term is "Social Catalyst Effect"

Watch the video below to learn more

Need more reasons.......

Look at popular advertising campaigns - how many of them feature dogs.
People trust people that like dogs. 

Dogs make us appear more human and are great conversation starters. 
Dog Wall Art is a great way to bring people together and
start meaningful conversations?

Still need more reasons to add Dog Wall Art to your business.
10% from every wall art sale is donated to a local animal rescue.

Big Dog HR.jpg
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